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Tween Girls' Friendship Skills - Building Self and Social Confidence


A weekly structured Cognitive-Behavioral therapy class that is designed to help strengthen young girls' self-esteem and confidence while learning specific skills to be mindful of her behaviors and social environment, assertively express her thoughts and feelings in ways that respect others, reject bullying behavior, and reflect important friendship values such as kindness, responsibility, empathy, cooperation, connectedness, self-regulation, and self-respect.  The girl's friendship group includes education in a non judgmental environment, therapeutic games, prizes, crafts, discussions, and role plays. 

Self-Esteem & 
Self Confidence

Self-Care Skills: Identification of her values, goals, and accomplishments, expression of her thoughts and feelings, and specific strategies to proactively and positively take care of her physical, emotional, and social self are encouraged and promoted.

Self-Care Skills for Strong Emotions

Self-Care Skills: Feelings identification, awareness of how her emotions may negatively influence other's perspectives, and healthy coping skills including feelings expression, self-talk, reality testing, mindfulness, relaxation, and meaningful activities are taught and practiced.

Ingredients to 
Keeping Friendships

Self-Care Skills: Identification of non verbal communication skills, and perspective taking to determine appropriate friendship responses are reviewed. The surrounding of oneself with positive peers, initiating conversations, sharing about oneself, feelings and needs expression, and conscious practicing of flexibility, acceptance, listening, forgiveness, and kindness acts are emphasized and practiced. 


Strategies for Dealing with Friendship Troubles & Mean Girls 

Self-Care Skills:  Identification of Relational Aggression and True Friendship behaviors, Assertiveness Training, Positive Self-Talk, Body Language messages, Clever Comebacks, Problem Solving Skills, and Seeking Out Support strategies are introduced and encouraged to aide in the gaining of a sense of control and confidence with unhealthy or uncomfortable social interactions, while also promoting improved communication with healthy friendships.



Class is designed for girls between the ages of 7-9 years and 10 to 12 years old, who are having mild problems making friends, keeping friends, or struggling with mean girl behaviors.


Each week offers a specific Self-Care theme as noted above. A minimum of four (non consecutive) classes is requested to participate. Fees are only due at time of class.


Classes are typically offered until one meets their personal friendship goals.




An intake evaluation is required prior to participation.


Motivation to learn Friendship Skills and Self-Care.


Typical cognitive abilities, and ability to control frustration in safe and non disruptive manner. 


Special Note: Classes Are Only Being Offered Individually At This Time.

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