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What Makes a Great Friend?


Read below and see if you have the skills necessary to make and keep friendships















  • I pay attention and understand body language


  • I know how to listen and respond to social cues appropriately


  • I know what to say in social situations


  • I know if someone is being my friend or being phony


  • I know how to fight fair with peers


  • I know the qualities that make a good friend and try them


  • I know how to be a good sport

  • I can understand how others are feeling and ask questions when I may be confused


  • I know how to make others feel welcome and comfortable 

















  • I know what makes me special and unique from other people


  • If someone upsets me I know how to calm myself down


  • I know when it is appropriate to seek out others for help


  • ​I know how to include myself


  • I use good body language, voice tone, & maintain personal space


  • I know how to share my feelings and assert my needs


  • I admit my mistakes and fogive others for theirs


  • I know what makes me feel good and I seek out fun


  • I can stand up for myself 


  •  I am a flexible thinker, tolerate change, and accept differences
















  •  I think I am a good person to

        be around  


  • I take time to get to know others


  • I can identify things in my own life that are great


  • I am proud of many things I have done & am capable of 


  • I have things in my life that inspire me


  • When I have trouble doing something I keep trying my best


  • I use words of encouragement for myself and others


  • I know how to nurture my friendships


  • I would be my own best friend

  • I am patient with myself

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